Strawberry Banana Chia Parfait

It's a like a healthy breakfast-for-dessert!

strawberry banana chia parfait recipe


           1 c. Honey Strawberry Granola

           2 Frozen Bananas cut into ½ inch pieces

           ½ c. Almond Milk (or Coconut Milk)

           1 Tbsp Chia Seeds 

           ½ tsp Pure Vanilla Extract 


           Place bananas, almond milk, chia seeds and vanilla in a food processor and let sit for            about 5 minutes until chia seeds begin to absorb milk.

           Once you see that the chia seeds have started to absorb (they will begin to form a                       gel-like substance on the outside), turn on the food processor. 

           Pulse until the ingredients combine into a soft ice cream texture – usually 15 to 20                       seconds of pulsing. 


           In two bowls or glasses, place ½ cup of Honey Strawberry Granola at the bottom of            each. Pour the Banana Chia Pudding on top of the granola and enjoy!

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