Our story


Making healthy food taste amazing has always been a passion of mine!  In 2012, I started making granola for the children in my preschool classroom.  What started as a healthy alternative to popular kids’ snacks became such a hit, we began to sell it at school fundraisers. After many successful fundraisers, I saw my passions converge!  Delicious food, healthy snacks for children and fundraising for education, inspired the decision to start a natural foods company.

Founding Principles

Years later, Mrs. Barr’s Natural Foods remains true to our founding principles:

Health | Quality | Community | Generosity


Our company creates healthy food that tastes great.  We carry a variety of granola, trail mix and granola bars.  All ingredients are hand-picked for the best flavors and health benefits.  Recipes are low in sugar, non-GMO and have many organic ingredients.

Supporting our local community is essential.  We buy local when possible. We provide employment opportunities and donate our products to several local fundraisers.  Children’s organizations remain close to my heart and 10% of our profits go to children’s organizations.

Jodi Barr | Founder & Owner

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