Superfood Acai Bowl

A fabulous start to your day!  Try your favorite smoothie ingredients for a delicious breakfast.

healthy granola acai bowl recipe


1 large kale leaf (take leaf off stem)

1 Frozen Açai Smoothie Packet

1 frozen banana

1/4 c frozen blueberries

3-4Tbs Coconut milk (or your favorite milk)

1 Tbs Coconut flake

2 Sliced strawberries

1 Tbs Chia seeds

1/2 fresh banana

1 Tbs walnuts

 1/4 c Mrs. Barr's Honey Strawberry Granola



1. Blend kale, Açai pack, frozen banana and frozen blueberries.

Add your coconut milk a little at a time, just add enough to moisten, you want your base to be thick but without destroying your blender!

2. Top with Mrs. Barr's Honey Strawberry granola, coconut flakes, sliced strawberries, chia seeds, fresh banana and walnuts.

Optional: Drizzle with some local raw honey for a little extra sweetness!


Serves 1-2

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